Negotiation Workshop

Negotiating is often considered as negative. People are often afraid to negotiate and agree with the terms which have been set by the counter party. In this workshop of 3.5 hours provided by the Career Center and given by Hoang Nguyen we will learn how to negotiate a deal where both parties can benefit from. This method (Margaret Neale, 2012) has four steps that students have to follow:

  1. Assess – Try to assess the situation: Is it worth it to negotiate? Am I willing to walk away from this deal?
  2. Prepare – Make sure you know which interests the other party has in your service or product.
  3. Ask – Engage and share unique info – they want you for a reason.
  4. Package – Bundle alternative proposals into a package – like terms and conditions etc.

The workshop will be in two parts: first some background information on the importance of negotiating and how to prepare and second the negotiating game to practice the newly learned negotiation skills.

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(only 16 spot available!)

Date: Wednesday June 14

Time: 17:00 – 20:30 (including pizza!)

Place: Student Service Centre building (Uurwerkersgang 10)

Price: 4 EUR for PhD’s (6 EUR for non PhD’s)

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