Our Partners

GOPHER collaborates with a range of partners to organise academic and social events for PhD students/researchers in Groningen. We work with the Graduate Schools, individual faculties, career services and other organisations within the University of Groningen and the UMCG.

We also collaborate with GRIN – another group representing PhDs at the University of Groningen and the UMCG. GOPHER focuses on providing academic and social events that are interesting for PhDs, whilst GRIN focuses on the rights and obligations of PhDs. GOPHER and GRIN work closely together with the joint aim of entertaining, helping and supporting PhDs in Groningen. For more information on GRIN.

GOPHER also collaborates with external organisations and individuals such as thesis printers, pubs, activity providers and speakers (such as Sangbreeta Moitra), in order to provide a rich variety of social and academic activities. We are in the process of developing new partnerships to benefits PhDs and are open to new collaborations.